Richard, Joseph and Isaac Cantrell – Philadelphia, Delaware and North Carolina

Richard Cantrell (1666-1753) –> Joseph Cantrell (1695 – 1753) –> Isaac Cantrell (who was the brother, partner & neighbor of  John Miller Cantrell –> Charles Cantrell –> Joseph Cantrell –> John Milton Cantrell –> William Riley Cantrell –> Richard Burgess Cantrell –> Richard Carlton Cantrell Cantrell –> Richard Ward Cantrell)

Richard, Joseph and Isaac Cantrell.  Isaac is the brother of John, who is our direct ancestor.  They traveled and lived near each other in Spartanburg.  So generations one through three are more particularly relevant to this web site than four through eight, but I reposted the entire document here for any distant cousins who may be interested.

CANTRELL GENERATION ONE – Courtesy of Mitchell Jones –

1. RICHARD1 Cantrell, (RichardB), b abt 1666 Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England d bef 31 May 1753 Pennsylvania. m abt 1693 Dorothy Jones b ca 1672 Flint or Denbigh, Wales dau of Ellis Jones and Jane ____. Richard’s baptism was on 13 May 1666 in Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England. Bakewell Parish was a brickmaking area, and very likely Richard gre4w up in the brickmakings trade. He was a brickmaker in Philadelphia after he moved to Pennsylvania. He probably left England around 1687, sometime after he
reached the age of 21. Quite possibly he came in the company of his nephew Joseph Cantrell, who was about his age. Joseph drowned in the Schuykill River at Philadelphia on 10 May 1689. Richard Cantrell, his uncle and nearest of kin in Pennsylvania, was appointed administrator of Joseph’s estate. Richard’s occupation of brickmaker was well suited to Philadelphia, where almost every building was made of brick. The city was planned, laid out in a logical pattern, and was well regulated from its beginning. Pennsylvania Archives, Vol XIX, 6 July 1692, shows that Richard Cantrell was granted a request for a warrant for a lot of 30 feet on Third Street near the Buyring Ground. Probably this same lot was sold the next year. Original Records, Deed Book D, 53, p 50, records that on 13 May 1693, Richard Cantrell sold to Thomas Hall, 30 by 190 feet at Third and Market Streets. Richard is thought to have married about 1693, and a few years later he apparently settled into what became his permanent home. Patent Book A, Vo. II, p 344 contains a lease made on 5 May 1702, by the Governor of Pennsyvania for a lease of 21 years on more than three acres between Fifth and Sixth Street “to Richard Cantrill, Brickmaker,” the rent to be 40 shillings per year. Certain requirements were made: “Said Richard Cantrill shall build, erect, and set up a substantial brick house one story and a half in height and in breadth eighteen feet and in length thrirty-six feet….said Richard Cantrill sshall make an orchard upon some part of the hereby granted land, with at least eighty good bearing apple trees planted thereon, and shall also well and sufficiently fence and enclose the said demised

No disposition of the estate of Richard has been found in the records, and dates of death for hima and his wife are uncertain. Apparently he had died by 31 May 1753, when the Pennsylvania Archives mention Richard Cantrill’s estate.

Richard married about 1693 Dorothy Jones. Dorothy was born aborn in 1672 in Wales and came to Pennsylvania with her parents in the ship “Submission” in 1682. She was the third of four children of Ellis and Jane Jones, who were Quakers and had come to America to escape religious persecution. Since Richard Cantrell was not a Quaker, he and Dorothy were married “out of meeting”, as the Quaker term goes. Their apparent first child died, and the Race Street meeting house records list under Burial os Those Not Friends, “Mary, 1-6, 1695, parents Richard and Dorothy Cantrill.” Dorothy Jones Cantrell is said to
have gone so far from her Quaker upbringing that she attended a masquerade ball in Philadelphia, and she was apparently fond of social events. Dorothy and Richard Cantrell, as city dwellers, had what was probably an easier life than many of their descendants would have when they moved to the frontier communities of the Carolinas and Tennessee. As shown by the will of Dorothy’s mother, Jane Jones, Richard and Dorothy Jones Cantrell had four known children:
+ 2. i. Mary2 Cantrell b abt 1694 burial 6 Jan 1695 Race Street Meeting House, Philadelphia, PA.
+ 3. ii. Joseph2 Cantrell b ca 1695 Philadelphia, PA m Catharina _______.
+ 4. iii. Zebulon2 Cantrell b abt 1697 Philadelphia, PA, and appears on the tax list in Chester Co.,
Pennsylvania, in 1718. He was a cordwainer, or shoemake, by occupation. Zebulon moved later into the
Welsh Tract district in New Castle County (now Delaware). There he was a witness to a will in 1758. In
1763 he bought 200 acres of land there. Family tradition says that he and his son Joseph moved to
Botetourt Co., Virginia, befor the Revolutionary War.
+ 5. iv. Dorothy2 Cantrell b abt 1710, was living and unmarried when her grandmother Jane Jones made
her will in 1730. No further information..
3. JOSEPH2 CANTRELL, (Richard1), b abt 1695 Philadelphia, PA m Catharina _____. Joseph is named as
a grandson in the will of Jane Jones, written in 1730. He apparently grew up in Philadelphia, and moved
when a young man to what is now Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, about 20 miles down theDelaware River from Philadelphia. This area had been settled by the Swedes, including some Finns, in
1638, and they had established there the Holy Trinity Church, known in later years as “Old Swedes
Church.”. The present structure was built in 1698 and is still in use today. It was Swedish Lutheran until
1791, when the last Swedish pastor departed and jurisdiction was transferred to the Protestant Episcopal
Church. Joseph married probably married about 1718, his wife was named Catharina. Susan Christie in
1908 thought that Catharina was probably a descendant of one of the old Swedish families, and I tend to
agree with that conclusion. Some researchers have thought that Joseph’s wife was Catherine Heath, but I
have seen no record or evidence to support that idea.
Joseph Cantrell and h8is wife were attending Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church by 1720, and three of their
children were baptized there between 1720 and 1726. Joseph and his family probably lived in the
Wilmington area of Delaware until the 1730’s. They are said to have been in Orange Co., Virginia, in
1738, and possibly lived there until about 1750. At that time the proprietor of the Granville District in
North Carolina was opening that area for settlement and offering good land at low prices. Many families
traveled down the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia into North Carolina, and Joseph Cantrell and several of
his children were apparently among those who made this journey. No will or estate settlement for Joseph
Cantrell has been found in Delaware or in North Carolina, but he is thought to have died in North Carolina.
The 1755 tax list of Orange Co., North Carolina, shows Joseph’s son John Cantrell with two taxable white
males. Since John’s sons were under 12 years old, it seems likely that joseph Cantrell was the other male,
and that he was living with his son John at that time. Joseph probably died in the 1760’s, but no record has
been found of his death. Joseph and Catharina are thought to have had ten or more children. Children of
Joseph Cantrell and Catherina _______:
+ 6. i. Hannah3 Cantrell b 20 Mar 1720, baptized 25 Apr 1720 Holy Trinity Church (Old Swedes)
Wilmington, Delaware.
7. ii.. Sarah Cantrell b abt 1722, a possible daugher, married Lawrence Bankston and moved to Orange
Co., NC, with the Cantrell family. The Bankston name comae from Andeers Bengtsson, a Finnish settler
among the Swedish group in Delaware.
+ 8.iii. John3 Cantrell b Oct 1724, baptized on 25 March 1736 in Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, New
Castle Co., DE (PA). He married two times and had twenty children. m1st ____ Brittian mother of his
first sixteen children. m2nd abt 1770 Jane ______ by whojm he had two sons and two daughters.
+ 9. iv. Joseph3 Cantrell b June 1726 New Castle Co., DE (PA) bapt 10 Dec 1726 Holy Trinity (Old
Swedes) Church in Wilmington, Delaware. He is thought to have moved about 1752 to Randolph Co., NC,
and to have two sons Charles and Joseph.
+ 10. v. Zebulon3 Cantrell b ca 1728 New Castle Co., DE (PA) d abt 1760m Mary Montgomery who
married second DAvid Henly of Virginia, a Baptist minister. Three known children, Sarah Cantrell m
William Nolen, daughter Cantrell m Joel Chitwood, and Stephen Cantrell b abt 1758.
+ 11. vi. Isaac3 Cantrell b ca 1733 New Castle Co., DE (PA) d 1805 Spartanburg Co., SC-myaancestor.
+ 12. vii. James Cantrell.
+ 13. viii. Benjamin Cantrell b abt 1737.
+ 14. ix. Stephen CAntrell b abt 1739.
+ 15. x. Edward Cantrell is possibly a son of Joseph.
11. ISAAC3 CANTRELL, (Joseph2, Richard1), b ABT 1733 New Castle Co., DE (PA) d 1805
Spartanburg Co, SC m1st Talitha Cloud m 2nd Elizabeth _______ m3rd Mary Linder. The CantrillCantrell Genealogy, published bin 1908 by Susan Cantrill Christie, on page 141 shows Isaac Cantrell3
(Joseph2, Richard1-A) and Isaac Cantrell Jr, son of Isaac. This is an error. The information and the will
and the children given there are for Isaac Cantrell3. Much confusion exists concerning Isaac Cantrell, his
wives, and his children. Warren G. Cantrell and other researchers have spent much time and effort
attempting to get a comprehensive list of his children, and have found court records in South Carolina
which include many of those children. It now appears that Isaac Cantrell3 had three wives and 25 children.
(At least six of these children had the same names as did children of Isaac’s brother John Cantrell, who had
20 children by two wives. There were may possibilities for confusion.)Isaac Cantrell was a son of Joseph and Catharina Cantrell, and a brother of John Cantrell who was born
October 1724. The best available information indicates that Isaac Cantrell was born about 1733. On 17
Feb 1806 at the Court of Ordinary in Spartanburg Co., SC, Lawrence Bankston deposed that Isaac Cantrell
was about 72 years old at the time of his death in 1805. Isaac may have been born in New Castle Co., PA
(DE). His parents are thought to have moved into Virginia in the 1730’s, and to have been living in Orange
Co., VA in 1738. However Joseph is not found on the Orange Co., VA, Tithables from 1735 to 1739,
1747-1749, 1751, 1753, and 1756 to 1760. The tithables for Orange Co., VA, are missing for 1740 to
1747, 1750, and 1752. They moved into Orange Co., NC, around 1752. Warren G. Cantrell thinks that
Isaac and his family did not move from Virginia to North Carolina until about 1756, and this may be
correct. Isaac first bought land in Orange Co., NC, on 14 Dec 1756, a 200 acre tract from the Earl of
Granville. By 1756, Isaac Cantrell was married and had four children. His first wife is thought to have
been Talitha Cloud, who was probably the mother of his first eight children. They married young, probably
about 1751, as their first child was born in 1752. Their third child, Mary Cantrell, born 1754, married
Sampson Bethel. Tradition has come down in the Bethel family that Mary’s mother was Talitha Cloud,
supported by the fact that Mary had a son Cantrell Bethel, a daughter Talitha Bethel, and most importantly,
a son named Cloud Bethel. Use of the unusual name Cloud is strong evidence of a relationship to that
family. Of Isaac’s first eight children, three are known to have had daughters named Talitha. Talitha Cloud
was probably born about 1735, married Isaac Cantrell about 1751, and died about 1762, after having eight
children. Talitha Cloud’s parents are presently unknown.
After the death of his first wife, Isaac Cantrell married again; the second wife’s name was Elizabeth. This
is established by a notation in a Book of Hymns and Spiritual Songs owned by Sarah CAntrell, who
married William Pirkle, the fourteenth child of Isaac Cantrell. The book is now owned by a descendant,
and written on the flyleaf is this: “Sarah Cantrell, daughter of Isaac Cantrell and Elizabeth his wife was
born July ye 27th-1769.” Elizabeth’s last name is not known, nor the names of her parents. She apparently
died about 1772, after the birth of her eighth child, who was Isaac’s sixteenth child.
Isaac Cantrell by 1772 was under 40 years old and had sixteen children; the oldest was twenty and the
youngest was just born. He badly needed a wife and fortunately he found one quickly and not far away.
She was 17 year old Mary Linder, born about 1755, the daughter of Isaac’s neighbor John Linder. She was
certainly of child-bearing age, and she produced nine children between 1772 and 1783. Her children are
documented in the census, in the 1806 court action, and in her will (or deed of gift), which was written in
1830, several years before her death in the fall of 1844.
Isaac Cantrell had 25 children by his three wives, and he had a least 194 grandchildren. However, Isaac
was engaged in numberous activities besides bringing children into the world. To begin with, he had to
grow enough food to feed his large family, and enough food to feed his large family, and enough flax,
cotton, and wool to clothe them. This was in the day when practically all food for the family was grown
and prepared on the farm, involving a great deal of work for the entire family. Isaac Cantrell was a
slaveowner at the time of his death in 1805; in 1800 he owned four slaves. He named three adult slaves in
his will, and there were also slave children. He left the slaves to his wife and four of his younger sons.
Being a slaveowner was apparently not in conflict with his religious beliefs. Isaac had strong religious
beliefs, and in fact was a Baptist preacher. Precisely when he became a Baptist or a preacher is not known.
He may have done so at an early age, or he may have been past forty. We do know that he was the founder,
organizer, and first pastor of the Wolf Island Primitive Baptist Church. Located one mile north of
Reidsville in Rockingham County, North Carolina, it was formed in 1777. Isaac lived on the farm where
the church was located, and it was known for many years as Cantrell’s Meeting House. Isaac served as
pastor there for 20 years, until in his old age he moved in 1795 to Spartanburg County, South Carolina,
where his brother John had lived since about 1782.
In South Carolina, Isaac again served as pastor of a Baptist Church, the Buck Creek Church where his
brother John was a member. Isaac was pastor from 1796 through 1799, and his brother John served as
messenger to the Bethel Association during some of those years. Apparently as Isaac grew older, he began
to have some mental problems; probably he had what would now be diagnosed as some form of
Alzheimer’s disease. His will was contested after his death, and eleven witnesses were called to help
determine his mental condition. Isaac was “on a sick bed” for two years and one month before his deathabout September 1805. One witness said that Isaac “was not in his right senses in regard to the church. He
never agreed to anything so as to stand to it.” Another thought Isaac “childish” in respect to the church, and
said “it was common talk in the neighborhood that he was in his dotage.” Yet another witness said that
Isaac “was of a right mind and could do his business. That he was an industrious man, never kept an
overseer and he thinks he directed his farm and was in his right mind.” All these depositiions were taken
on 17 February 1806 at the Court of Ordinary in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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In Reply to: mary linder (m. Isaac Cantrell, 1729-1805) by Tom Christensen of 4082
Regarding the time of death of Mary Linder. When you add the records you have found about Mary Linder
to the following records, you probably do have the correct date of death for Mary Linder:
The following regards Peter Cantrell’s protest of the settlement of Rev. Isaac Cantrell’s estate because in
Rev. Isaac’s will only his last wife and her children received divisions of his estate to keep the continuity of
the records. In the spring of 1844, son Enoch died and William Parris was appointed administrator of his
estate. He filed a petition 13 May 1844 on behalf of the heirs of Enoch to force a division of the preceding
deed of gift which did not contain provision for division.
Gabriel Bumpap the ordinary decided the will as far as respects the personal property was valid and
sufficiently proved, but it is not sufficient to convey the landed property. This decision was made on 5
March 1806. It was some 1 1/2 years before further action was taken on the estate of Isaac and this had to
do with the landed property.
The Court of Common Pleas, Spartanburg District, South Carolina, issued a writ on the 2nd Monday of
October 1807, addressed to Alexander Cunningham, William Abbott, Mathew Abbott and Leonard
Adcock, directing that they go to the premises of the late Isaac Cantrell and cause to be laid out one-third of
the land to be delivered and assigned to Mary Cantrell as her right of inheritance and the remaining part of
the premises to be divided into nineteen equal parts or else the value thereof and cause to be divided and
assigned to each of the heirs of the said Isaac Cantrell. The heirs named were: Peter Cantrell; Abraham
Cantell; Richard Cantrell; Isaac Cantrell; Nimrod Cantrell; Reuben Cantrell; John Cantrell; Elijah Cantrell;
Sarah Pirtle; Mark Cantrell; Benjamin Cantrell; Thomas Cantrell; Enoch Cantrell; Jacob Cantrell; Caleb
Cantrell; Daniel Cantrell; Charles Cantrell, Lancefored Cantrell; Isaac Pirtle (grandson).
It should be noted that at least three daughters were not mentioned. Mary who married Sampson Bethel;
Elizabeth who married John Cantrell; and the daughter who was under 10 years of age in 1800.
The above named commissioners submitted their report on 25 March 1808, that they had surveyed the land
and found there were 862 acres which they appraised at $650.50. That they laid out 200 acres, which
contained the plantation house for Mary Cantrell, the widow of Isaac, and that the balance of 662 acres to
be sold on credit of 12 months for the use of the said Isaac Cantrell’s heirs.
In 1810 Mary and one son aged 16-25, probably Enoch Cantrell, were recorded on page 193 of the census
report of Spartanburg District, SC. There were seven slaves listed. In 1820, Mark Cantrell’s listing included
an over-45-year-old female, who was probably Mary Linder Cantrell. In 1830, the household of Lancefored
Cantrell included a 70-80 year old female who was probably Mary. In the same year, Mary made
arrangements to dispose of other property as directed in Isaac’s Will.
In 1840, the household of son, Lancefored Cantrell, contained an 80-90 year old female, probably Mary
(Mary Linder Cantrell). In the spring of 1844, son Enoch died and William Parris was appointed
administrator of his estate. He filed a petition 13 May 1844 on behalf of the heirs of Enoch to force a
division of the preceding deed of gift which did not contain provision for division. Letters of
Administration were granted and appraisal was made of Mary’s (MARY LINDER CANTRELL) property
by Elias Wall, John H. Cantrell and Lancefored Cantrell. They appraised the furniture at $21.87, and the
Negro boy Jerry at $550. The furniture was sold for $19.27 and the Negro lad was sold to Henry White for$507. After expenses, $65.56 was distributed in seven parts, as follows: Nimrod Cantrell; Mark Cantrell;
Caleb Cantrell, Abraham Cantrell; Lanceford Cantrell; Isaac Pirtle; and Enoch Cantrell’s seven children and
his widow (Mary had eight children by Rev. Isaac Cantrell) . It should be noted at this time, Mark Cantrell
was deceased and Abraham Cantrell had sold his part of the inheritance to William Bennett in 1816.
16. i
Webb, Thomas G., “The Webb Families of DeKalb County, Tennessee and 23 Related Families”, Bradley
Printing Co. Smithville, TN, 2002, pgs 316-319.
Little, Barbara Vines, “Orange County, Virginia Tithables 1734-1782 Part One”, Dominion Market
Research Cor., 1988.
26. BENJAMIN4 CANTRELL, (John3, Joseph2, Richard1), b ca 1768. Wolf Island Creek, Rockingham
Co., NC d ca 1846, Sink Creek, DeKalb Co., TN m1st Charity Legat m2nd Polly Magness m3rd Hannah
Powell. Benjamin was a small boy when his parents moved to Spartanburg Co., SC. At the time of the
fighting in Ninety-Six District during the Revolution, he was about 12 years old; and it is said that while he
was ploughing in the fields, that by lying with his ear to the ground he could distinctly hear the roar of the
cannon. He appears in the census of 1790 in Spartanburg Co., NC as the head of household. About 1814 he
moved with his family to what is now Sink Creek, DeKalb Co., TN. Children of Benjamin Cantrell and
Charity Legat:
+ 33. i. Peter5 Cantrell m Elizabeth Davis.
+ 34. ii. James5 Cantrell m Kizzie Cantrell.
+ 35.iii. Rayburn5 Cantrell b SC m Nellie _______.
+ 36. iv. Benjamin5 Cantrell b Spartanburg Co., SC m Frances Fowler.
+ 37. v. Elizabeth5 Cantrell b SC m Daniel Thomas.
+ 38. vi. Nancy5 Cantrell
+ 39. vii. Sarah5 Cantrell m Elijah Cantrell son of Thomas Cantrell.
+ 40. viii. Mary5 Cantrell m Green Cantrell son of Isaac Cantrell.
+ 41. ix. Matilda 5Cantrell b TN m John Cantrell son of Abraham Cantrell.
+ 42. x. Martha5 Cantrell b TN m Jackson Forrester.
34. JAMES5 CANTRELL, (Benjamin4, John3, Joseph2, Richard1), b Spartanburg Co., SC m Kizzie
Cantrell. He served in the Seminole War and had a finger shot off. Children of Richard Cantrell and Kizzie
+ 43. i. Benjamin Cantrell m Mary Adcock.
+ 44. ii. Tillman Cantrell b ca 1818 Warren Co., TN m Sarah Lavina Taylor.
+ 45. iii. James Cantrell b TN m Lucinda Taylor b ca 1826 Smith Co., TN dau of Henry Watson Taylor and
Beady _____.
+ 46. iv. Abel Cantrell m Sallie Porter.
+ 47. v. William Cantrell.
+ 48. vi. Jasper Cantrell d in service during Mexican War.
+ 49. vii. Sarah Cantrell m ______ Forrester.
+ 50. viii. Elizabeth Cantrell m Abraham Taylor son of Henry Watson Taylor and Beady ____.
+ 51. ix. Martha Cantrell m1st John Luna m2nd Joseph Atnip.
44. Tillman 6 Cantrell, (James5, Benjamin4, John3, Joseph2, Richard1), b 1818 Warren Co., TN d by 4
Sep1848 DeKalb Co., TN m Sarah Lavina Taylor b ca 1821 Smith Co., TN daughter of Barzela Taylor andMary . Sarah Lavina Taylor m 2nd Chester W. Taylor son of Abraham Taylor and Sarah Durham. Tillman
was a drummer /musician in Company F of 3th Regiment Tennessee Infantry during Mexican War. He was
discharged on 22 July 1848 at Memphis and his age was 30. On 4 Sep 1848 Benjamin Cantrell came in to
DeKalb Co., TN County Court and said that Tillmanhad lately died. Joseph Atnip was appointed guardian
to Mary Ann, Monroe D and John B. Cantrell heirs of Tillman Cantrell deceased at Oct Term 1848 DeKalb
County Court. Children of Tillman Cantrell and Sarah Taylor is:
52. i. Monroe D. Cantrell b ca 1843 DeKalb Co., TN.
+ 53.ii. Mary Ann Cantrell b ca 1845 DeKalb Co., TN m Levi Lasater.
+ 54. iii. John Bethel Cantrell, born December 29, 1846 in Dekalb Co,Tenn; died December 05, 1878 in
DeKalb Co., Tennessee; married Virginia ‘Ginny’ Atnip August 27, 1868 in Dekalb Co,Tenn.
44. Tillman 6 Cantrell, (James5, Benjamin4, John3, Joseph2, Richard1), b 1818 Warren Co., TN d by 4
Sep1848 DeKalb Co., TN m Sarah Lavina Taylor b ca 1821 Smith Co., TN daughter of Barzela Taylor and
Mary . Sarah Lavina Taylor m 2nd Chester W. Taylor son of Abraham Taylor and Sarah Durham. Tillman
was a drummer /musician in Company F of 3th Regiment Tennessee Infantry during Mexican War. He was
discharged on 22 July 1848 at Memphis and his age was 30. On 4 Sep 1848 Benjamin Cantrell came in to
DeKalb Co., TN County Court and said that Tillmanhad lately died. Joseph Atnip was appointed guardian
to Mary Ann, Monroe D and John B. Cantrell heirs of Tillman Cantrell deceased at Oct Term 1848 DeKalb
County Court. Children of Tillman Cantrell and Sarah Taylor is:
52. i. Monroe D. Cantrell b ca 1843 DeKalb Co., TN.
+ 53.ii. Mary Ann Cantrell b ca 1845 DeKalb Co., TN m Levi Lasater.
+ 54. iii. John Bethel Cantrell, born December 29, 1846 in Dekalb Co,Tenn; died December 05, 1878 in
DeKalb Co., Tennessee; married Virginia ‘Ginny’ Atnip August 27, 1868 in Dekalb Co,Tenn.
20. John Bethel Cantrell, b 29 Dec 1846 in DeKalb Co,TN; d 5 Dec 1878 in DeKalb Co., Tennessee7. He
was the son of . Tillman Cantrell and 41. Sarah Lavinia Taylor. He married Virginia ‘Ginny’ Atnip August
27, 1868 in DeKalb Co,TN. Virginia ‘Ginny’ Atnip, b 24 Oct 1851 in DeKalb Co,TN; d 17 Jan 1912 in
DeKalb Co., TN7. She was the daughter of John Esaw Atnip and Mary Clark.
Notes for John Bethel Cantrell:
1870 DeKalb Co, Tn Census (District 10)
Note: Liz has birth as 1846 where I have 1844 (same day and month)
More About John Bethel Cantrell:
Fact 1: 1870, Dekalb Co,Tenn Census-10 District
Notes for Virginia ‘Ginny’ Atnip:
1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
2) Liz Marcello
A) Mitch Jones,
B) Wm.Repsie Foutch, Trenton, Ga.
C) Pink M. Atnip, per A.B. Atnip
Children of John Cantrell and Virginia Atnip are:
i. Mary Elizabeth ‘Mollie’ Cantrell, b 9 Sep 1869 Liberty, DeKalb Co, Tenn; died 1948; married (1)
William Carroll Van Hoosier August 07, 1887 in DeKalb Co., Tennessee; married (2) L.P. Womack
September 27, 1922.
Notes for Mary Elizabeth ‘Mollie’ Cantrell:
Source: 1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
Notes for William
Carroll Van Hoosier: 1900 -DeKalb Co, Tn Census (district 18) Second Creek Township, #94
1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
2) 1900 DeKalb Co, Tn Census (District 18)
ii. Charles Lafayette ‘Fate’ Cantrell, born January 19, 1871; married Nora Bonds.
Notes for Charles Lafayette ‘Fate’ Cantrell:
1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
ii. Lavinia ‘Sis’ Cantrell, born December 12, 1872; married George Hendrixson.
Notes for Lavinia ‘Sis’ Cantrell:
1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
10 iv. Samuel Houston ‘Sam’ Cantrell, born April 26, 1875; died November 25, 1902; married Susan
Dupree ‘Susie’ Florida May 03, 1890.
11. v. John Henderson ‘Don’ Cantrell, born September 03, 1876; died 1960; married Elizabeth Nancy Love
December 21, 1899.
Notes for John Henderson ‘Don’ Cantrell:
1) Diane Toth
A) letter from James Stanton Van Hoosier Sr. to James Stanton Van Hoosier Jr. -written before 1963
SAMUEL HOUSTON CANTRELL, ( ), b 26 Apr 1875 DeKalb Co., TN d 25 Nov 1902 Holmes Creek,
DeKalb Co., TN m 3 May 1896 DeKalb Co., TN Susan Dupree Florida b 10 Jan 1878 District 16, DeKalb
Co., TN d 21 Apr 1944 Silver Point, Putnam Co., TN burial Smith-Jones Cemetery, Wolf Creek, DeKalb
Co., TN daughter of Samuel Owens Florida and Nancy Jane Foster. Samuel was a farmer and he and Susan
lived near the mouth of Holmes Creek, DeKalb Co., TN. Children of Samuel Houston Cantrell and Susan
Dupree Florida:
+ i. Virginia Cantrell b 30 Aug 1897 DeKalb Co., TN d 15 Aug 1990 Knoxville,Knox Co.TN m 10 Aug
1919 William J. Julian.
+ ii. Nancy Dupree Cantrell b 13 Nov 1898 DeKalb Co., TN d 23 Feb 1992 Smithville, DeKalb Co. TN m
16 May 1922 DeKalb Co., TN John Mitchell Jones.
+ iii. Sammie Smith Cantrell b 31 Jan 1900 DeKalb Co., TN m 13 Oct 1920 James Foutch.
iv. John Bethel Cantrell b 2 Feb 1902 DeKalb Co., TN d unknown.
Child of John Mitchell Jones & Nancy Dupree Cantrell:
+ 1915. (i) FRANK GARLAND11 JONES b 26 Feb 1923 m Pauline Mullican
1915. FRANK GARLAND11 JONES, (John Mitchell10, Isaac Sherman9, George Sullivan8, John R.7,
Prettyman6, Ebenezer5, Thomas4, Ebenezer3, Thomas2, WilliamA-1), b 26 Feb 1923 DeKalb Co., TN d 1
Oct 2000 DeKalb Co., TN m 12 Feb1941 DeKalb Co., TN(div) Pauline Mullican b 14 May 1924 DeKalb
Co., TN d 14 May 1968 DeKalb Co., TN dau of Homer Rozias Mullican and Mary Elizabeth Conley m2nd
#1643 6 May 1947(div) Florence Clemons b 17 Apr 1918 Putnam Co., TN dau of Bradley General
Clemons and Susie Frances Foster m3rd 15 Apr 1976 Nashville, TN Elizabeth Turner b 7 July 1931
Lincoln Co., TN dau of Albert Turner and Willie Mae Lyons. He attended Laurel Hill Elementary a oneteacher school on Wolf Creek. He also attended DeKalb County High School in Smithville, TN, and then
attended Baxter Seminary in Baxter, TN.
At Baxter Seminary he was a starting end on the football team. At the age of 20 he purchased a truck and
hauled cattle, etc for people. He worked on the construction of the atomic enery plant at Oak Ridge. He was
also employed in Detroit, Michigan. On 2 January 1950 he was employed by Memphis Light and Gas
Company in Memphis, TN, and after 25 years he retired. Later he trained bus drivers for Metropolitan
School Board in Nashville, TN. Later he worked for Gray Lines as driver taking people on tours all across
the country. After his retirement from Gray Lines he moved back to the family farm on Wolf Creek,
DeKalb Co., TN. Child:29
+ 1916. (i) DORRIS MITCHELL12 JONES b m Cecilia Violet McKenzie m Michelle Barrientoes Canon.

Source: PDF document at

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  1. wanda says:

    anybody have any info on Elijah Cantrell born bet 1780-1790 living in Hickman county, Tn. died 1841. I have his decendents, but do not know his ancestors.

  2. Sandy (Cole) Wainwright says:

    Several things are wrong here. Joseph never married a Catharina Heath, that “story” came from one source, from the bethel book which also stated that Isaac Married Talitha Cloud…According to Isaac’s will, protest letter and settlement papers, ISAAC WAS MARRIED TWICE AND NEIGHTHER WIFE WAS A TALITHA….in the Heath Genealogy, there was no Catharina listed as child of John Heath. The Heath’s were English, Catharina was a Swede. Joseph was in the Delaware area, the Heath’s lived in Mass. Richard did not die in 1753 that was Richard Cantwell…and other errors..

    • rstorm1 says:

      Interesting. Would you be willing to share more? Who do your records show married Joseph Cantrell? When do you think Richard Cantrill passed away and why? Thanks, Sandy!

    • rstorm1 says:

      After Sandy Wainwright’s comment I googled it (actually Binged it, but whatever).

      It turns out that our Catherine Cantrell’s maiden name is not yet clear. It might be Heath. Might not. This discussion, from’s Message Boards, sheds some light.

      Joseph Cantrell
      emmettrice40 (View posts)
      Posted: 2 Sep 2000 7:40AM GMT
      Classification: Query
      Edited: 2 May 2003 3:30PM GMT

      Surnames: CANTRELL, JONES, HEATH

      This requests comments, documentation, and responses on the controversy about whether Joseph Cantrell, b. abt. 1695, PA, son of Richard Cantrell and Dorothy Jones, married a Catherine whose surname was Heath. Please respond on this message board and not directly to me so that all can share information which may ultimately lead to a resolution of this controversy. More than 50 pedigree submitters to, 19 submitters to LDS Ancestral Files, and numerous submitters to Family Tree Maker (Broderbund) CDs show Joseph’s wife to be a Catherine Heath, and many show her line going back to the Haverhill, MA, Heaths through John and Hannah Haines Heath and thence going back to notable Pilgrim ancestors and even to European nobility.

      For the past year I and several other researchers, working together via e-mail, have been trying to resolve this controversy without success. See my Cantrell Family GenForum postings of 2/16/00, 2/18/00, 2/23/00 and 3/4/00 and the postings of others dealing with this controversy.

      We have discovered the following:

      1. We wrote to all of the 19 LDS Ancestral File submitters. Only 7 responded who advised that they had simply copied the pedigrees of others and that they had no documentation.

      2. The John and Hannah Haines Heath–Haverhill, MA, family pedigree probably began when Warren Cantrell, a noted Cantrell family history researcher, first published that descent about 15 years ago. That “mistake” may have arisen because of a 1747 DE will of a John Heath which mentions wife, Hannah, and “cuzon Alice Cantrol.” Warren and other early researchers undoubtedly also found the Haverhill, MA, Heath lineage which was widely published, and concluded, mistakenly, that the John and Hannah Haines Heath of that lineage were one and the same as the 1747 John and Hannah Heath (who made the will)and that our Catherine who married Joseph Cantrell was their daughter and was thereby descended from the John and Hannah Haines Heath of Haverhill, MA. That supposed pedigree became widely accepted, copied and proliferated. That may be the reason why so many now adopt it and why over 50 pedigree submitters to show it. It also furnishes notable ancestors which most want to find. Warren Cantrell, to his great credit and desire for integrity in genealogical research, later publicly retracted that pedigree, apologized to all, and has advised all to remove that lineage from their data.

      3. Union Noble Bethel (hereafter “UNB”), long deceased, a highly educated man and a former vice-president of ATT, wrote at least two family history sketches in the 1920s postulating that the Catherine who married our Joseph Cantrell was a great-granddaughter of a Thomas Heath who came to Virginia in 1635 and whose descendants migrated from VA to MD to DE where this Catherine married our Joseph Cantrell. His sketches contained no documentation. That supposed lineage was published in Virginia Garde’s book, “The Early Bethels” and republished after her death by her son, Jim Garde, when he wrote a book about the early Bethels. He has advised me that neither he nor his mother had any documentation for that lineage and that the UNB postulated lineage had been published almost verbatim in both books. UNB’s work should not summarily be dismissed because of his personal stature and apparent character and accomplishments during his lifetime. It may have validity and a concerted effort should be made to find documentation for UNB’s postulated lineage.

      4. The 1747 DE will, mentioned above, of the DE John Heath failed to list any real estate owned by him. I, therefore, retained a Wilmington, DE, land title company to try to find to whom any realty owned by him passed upon his death, hoping to discover the names of his other children, if any, etc. Unfortunately, DE land records are not based upon a grid system like the more modern systems of other states, and no information was found to show to whom any such real estate may have passed. The company did, however, find that a John Heath of DE had purchased 88 acres of land in Christina Hundred (where Old Swede’s Church is located and where three of our Joseph’s and our Catherine’s children were christened in the early 1700s)and that the deed to that John Heath was executed by a Thomas Chandler in PA with a Benjamin Heath and a Zack Butcher being witnesses to it. They were unable to tell me to whom this property passed after being in John Heath’s name.

      5. We received documentation from Old Swede’s Church in Wilmington, DE, that three of Joseph’s and Catherine’s children were christened there in the early 1700s, but their records did not reveal Catherine’s surname. Her given name was shown as “Catherina.” The records were in Swedish and it appears that the early Swedish records recorder perhaps almost always gave a registrant’s name a Swedish cognate name–hence the recording of “Catherine” as “Catherina.” Susan Cantrell Christie’s remark in her book that our Catherine may have been the daughter of an early Swede of the locale may have been caused by apparent practice.

      6. Others have recently discovered a John Heath who came from England to DE in the early 1700s, but have not yet found documentation connecting him to our Catherine.

      The questions arise: “Was our Catherine actually a Heath? Was she descended from UNB’s 1635 VA Thomas Heath? Was she descended from the Haverhill, MA, Heaths? Was she descended from some other Heath family? To the best of our knowledge no one has yet produced any documentation regarding Catherine’s surname or her ancestry. This is why this message is posted–to try to stimulate responses and to gain correct, true information and documentation for all Cantrell family descendants as to Catherine’s true origin and ancestry. Although the Haverhill, MA, Heath ancestry may lead back to European nobility, none of us should want any data in our pedigrees which is not true.

      Your comments and responses on this message board are earnestly solicited.
      Read the comments and discussion at the site.

  3. Wanda says:

    1/2 of what is on Ancestry is wrong. Also the Cantrell book by Christie has lots of errors per Warren Cantrell. I always thought it was strange that Elijah Cantrell born about 1788 NC died 1842 Hickman Co, Tn. is not attached to any person in her book.
    Warren advised me to check Isaac’s son Elijah, but he died in 1799. No luck there.

    • Heather Greene says:

      I too have discovered the stuff on Ancestry is full of mistakes. Such as,they say James Cantrell(1801-1860) married Elizabeth Kirby,yet she was married to Joseph Ottinger,I even seen her on the census with Joseph and their children and her mother,Eliza. If peole would pay attention to what they put in their trees they would know this stuff doesn’t make sense. You can’t be married to two men at the same time having children by both men at the same time. Also,my family said they were French and Cherokee,yet when I look at how folks got this put together it would appear as though every body was just English,Welsh,etc. Northern european. Okay. I’m sorry,I disagree. Especially,if you seen some of these folks in my family. It’s freaking irritating!

  4. Sandy Cole says:

    Since there has never been any documentation that Joseph was married to a Catherine Heath and the Heath shows no daughter by that name in the will of John of Mass and since Warren stated he started the rumor by reading th Bethal book then it should be dismissed as well as Talitha Cloud should be, it all came from the same source. In documents it does show that Isaac was married twice. And if you do the math you would see that Isaac wouldn’t of been married three times…The John Heath of Delaware was married to Hanna Buckingham and the relationship between Alice and him could of been through Zebulon who was another son of Richards…The Elijah you speak about and if he was married to Rebecca he would be the son of Jacob

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